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The shooting of environmentalist, Joan Root, at her 88-acre farm overlooking Lake Naivasha last January shocked Kenya’s “Happy Valley” and the entire conservation world. Blonde, beautiful and fearless, she was idolized for the pioneering wildlife films she made with her husband, Alan. After their agonizing divorce, she devoted herself to an even more dangerous mission: saving her beloved lake from the ecological ravages of Africa’s lucrative flower-farming industry. The author investigates the violent clashes between desperate immigrant poachers and Root’s private army that, some locals believe, brought three killers with an AK-47 to her door.


Based on the book The American Dream, this is an inspiring true account of a young mans journey from defendant to defense attorney, a window into the inner workings of one of Miami’s most notorious drug rings, and a chilling portrait of the streets that Americas poverty-stricken youth call home. The hood is an addiction. An addiction that pulls as seductively and fiercely as the drugs hustled on its streets. And living in it is a daily exercise in survival. Raised impoverished in the streets of Miami, David Lee Windecher was only eleven years old when he was arrested for shoplifting. It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, deciding to take what he believed he deserved. But that was the beginning for David. That was the day he started thinking like a hustler. He could stop waiting for the scales to tip in his favor. He could stop going without. He could take what life denied him. And he did. For the next seven years, David fought bitterly against his circumstances at the side of his gang-affiliate brothers. It began with selling dope to help his family eat, but pulled into the dark, seductive life of violence, drugs, money, and notoriety David lost himself to the game. Before he turned eighteen, he had built and masterminded a crime ring, had been arrested thirteen times, and fought daily wars against rival gangs and dirty cops. But deep inside of David, an idealistic boy still dreamed of becoming an attorney and fighting for justice despite race. He was just waiting for someone to believe he existed.


Based on the award-winning book Petey by Ben Mikaelsen, VOICE FROM AN EMPTY ROOM is the true story of the profound effect that one seemingly inconsequential individual can have on those around him. In the vein of such critically acclaimed films as THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY, MY LEFT FOOT, THE ELEPHANT MAN and THE SEA INSIDE, it is the story of a man who was born with a rare, debilitating neurological condition long before the medical establishment understood his disorder. Diagnosed as an “idiot,” a medical term of the period, Petey was committed to an insane asylum for his first forty years. In order to escape his dire circumstances, Petey developed a rich imagination and inner life. His indomitable spirit, elevated by his imagination and an innate sense of human kindness, had a great influence on the lives of his fellow patients and three key caregivers who saw beyond his affliction. Petey’s story is powerful, poignant, life-affirming and, surprisingly, balanced with humor. The script provides a performance piece for a high-caliber actor in the lead as well as great roles for key supporting characters that surround him. Richard Outten (JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND) has written the screenplay and will produce alongside producer Guy Riedel (WEDDING CRASHERS, CLOVERFIELD, CREED II, THE WATERDANCE).


Two months ago, his mother disappeared. Two months ago, “They” destroyed her name. Now, maritime archaeologist, Julian Dawson, is racing against a category five hurricane to document a discovery that will clear his mother’s name, hopefully repair his relationship with his father, and possibly change our understanding of mankind’s history… but “They” will do anything to stop him.

With hurricane Xavier tearing toward the East Coast of Florida, Julian risks his life to document the dive site. But, when a vicious waterspout destroys his site and nearly kills him, it uncovers an ancient pyramid concealing a crystal sphere… and everything changes.

In Washington D.C., Garrett Williams, a high-level Smithsonian official with suspect access to private jets and more IDs than any Smithsonian employee should need, receives word of Julian’s discovery. He drops everything and heads to South Florida.

The chase is on…

With help from his brother Nick, and Maya (a forensic archaeologist sent to investigate his mother’s disappearance), Julian’s journey across the globe evolves into a race against time and an unknown enemy who seeks to harness perpetual energy from an ancient system of crystal spheres in order to “restart” civilization and create a selective utopia.

Relying on the information gleaned from Maya’s investigation, his own discoveries, and a reclusive Okinawan Shaman who was the last person to see his mother alive, Julian must find the last crystal sphere (“The Mother’s Eye”) in order to stop the destruction of mankind.

Unfortunately, Julian doesn’t know that he has always been a part of “Their” plan. After being kidnapped, he is faced with a final decision – Save himself… or the rest of the world.