THE COMEBACK TRAIL, Starring Robert De Niro, Opens in Theaters July 23

June 11, 2021

The film stars Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, Morgan Freeman, and Zach Braff.


Today, Cloudburst Entertainment and Storyboard Media have announced July 23rd, 2021 to be the release date for the award winning film THE COMEBACK Trail starring Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, Morgan Freeman, and Zach Braff. The film release was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Perfect for this summer, THE COMEBACK Trail tells the story of Max Barber, (Robert De Niro) an unsuccessful producer of terrible, low-budget movies, who finds himself in debt to his financier and mob boss, Reggie Fontaine (Morgan Freeman.) In order to save his skin, Barber concocts a scenario to kill an actor in a stunt in order to cash in on a hefty insurance claim. He casts an aging Western star, Duke Montana (Tommy Lee Jones) known for doing all of his own stunts, hoping to do him in quickly only to find out that the crusty and dedicated Montana is far more resilient than he anticipated. Zach Braff plays Walter Creason, Max Barber’s nephew and producing partner, who is unwittingly drawn into his Uncle’s scam.

The Comeback Trail has won several prestigious film festivals including The Monte Carlo Comedy Film Festival where Gallo won Best Director and the film won Best Picture. THE COMEBACK Trail also won the Mad, Mad, World Stanley Kramer Award at the Palm Springs Comedy Film Festival. It recently won the Los Angeles Italia Film Festival. Newcomer Kate Katzman, who co-stars in the film, won the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival’s Star on the Horizon Award for her portrayal of the neophyte film director.

The Comeback Trail is produced by Philip Kim and Patrick Hibler, Joy Sirott Hurwitz, Julie Lott Gallo, Richard Salvatore and David Ornston. The deal was negotiated on behalf of Cloudburst by Ken Rather and on behalf of the Producers and Storyboard Media by Harris Tulchin of Harris Tulchin & Associates, Ltd.

Storyboard Media is a film production, finance and sales company launched by Elisabeth Costa de Beauregard and Philip Kim.

Cloudburst Entertainment is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and is a full-service production and distribution company.

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